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Legal sector employees can feel overloaded with work, isolated, and unsupported yet they find it hard to speak up due to the stigma around mental health. Employees suffering from stress related poor mental health will not be at their peak, his can lead to errors in their work and absence.

Talking through difficulties with a trusted individual, who understands the complexities of the industry, can ensure that poor mental health does not escalate and that employees remain healthy and productive.

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I am passionate about working with our partnership organisations to build a culture of trust, with wellbeing and safety at the forefront.  Talk To a Peer will support your business at all stages of it’s peer support journey and beyond if needed!

Claire Beharrell

Peer Support Lead

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Why Peer Support?

Peer support systems for pilots and their relatives have been in existence for several years producing notable success in addressing:

  • Performance related issues
  • Substance and alcohol abuse
  • Post incident trauma
  • Daily life problems e.g. domestic, bereavement, financial etc


of solicitors say they would be concerned about reporting feelings of stress to their employer because of the stigma involved


500% ROI

Investing in mental health initiatives for your workforce can return up to 5 times your investment



Over two-thirds of those working in the field of law have suffered mental ill-health


The Three Pillars of Peer Support

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