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In all aspects of the programme we take your confidentiality very seriously. In order for a peer support programme to be effective, it needs to be independent of the company, unions and any industry specific regulatory bodies.

Our programme utilises trained peers who are supported by an oversight committee The committee is formed by a team of independent industry specialists who ensure standards are met and the service is professionally managed. The service is supported by aviation clinical psychologists, AME’s and other experts in the field.

Whilst ‘Talk to a Peer’ is independent, it is operationally accountable to each organisation and therefore commits to advising any concerns around overall usage patterns where necessary. We will not share information on individual cases. The details of individual users are strictly confidential and are protected in the same way medical records are protected.

If any user shares information that gives us significant concern about the immediate safety and welfare of any individual, just as in other healthcare settings, we are ethically and legally obliged to waive your confidentiality. In this extremely rare event, an established and transparent protocol will be followed in order to decide on the most appropriate course of action. We will always consider very carefully whether we need to break confidentiality and these decisions are made in consultation with clinically trained mental health professionals, independent AME’s or industry specialists.

We may decide it is necessary to break confidentiality and engage with a third party if:

  • you specifically ask us to.
  • you tell us that you are endangering your safety or that of another person.
  • we believe that your life, or someone else’s life, is in imminent danger.

We are also unable to provide confidentiality in the following circumstances:

  • If we are party to specific information about a terrorist suspect or terrorist activity that will take place or has taken place in the world. This information must immediately be disclosed to the police.
  • If Talk to a Peer is forced, through legal action, to disclose specific confidential information; this can include legal action taken under the Data Protection Act and during criminal investigations.

During the Peer Support process if we identify imminent risk of harm to yourself or someone else (e.g. if an individual shares that have the desire, plan, means, timeframe) or suspect emotional/physical abuse or neglect, we may act to protect the safety of individuals by asking for some identifiable information (such as your age, location and name). We may share information with the police, medical, or social services.

All volunteers sign a code of conduct and ethics agreement as well as a confidentiality agreement and are trained to respect, understand and protect your confidentiality.
All electronic communication and records are securely stored within encrypted systems and are compliant with GDPR.

We reserve the right to keep a protected record of your contact details and an anonymised and encrypted record of your contact with our peer support volunteer which only they and their peer coordinator have access to. In exceptional circumstances, we may share this information with medical professionals and / or other specialists in the best interests of the individual seeking support

Within your rights under GDPR you can request to see the information we hold on you. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.